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pu, 8i, v, pj, nwg, n, urv, a, a, Advertise With Us - MorbiNews

Advertise on MorbiNews

MorbiNews | Morbinews.in is happy to announce that you can now advertise on our site. We have started accepting ads, sponsored posts.

Types of Ads we accept

  • Paragraph on SidebarYour paragraph with 80×80 or 100×100 thumbnail on sidebar, this ad will be in form of widget and paragraph should have max 42 – 55 words and image cannot be displayed in max resolution please note that.


  • Main Banner (Header Banner)Your 468×60 banner right beside header and will have max impressions on all pages of the blog, You have to provide link and ready-made banner to us.


  • Sponsored Link (Inside Post)Your sponsored link will be provided in your chosen post or any random post.3 Link’s Price for 2 Months : (You can choose 3 links on 3 different Posts)6 Link’s Price for 2 Months : (You can choose 6 links on 6 different Posts)4 Link’s Price for 6 Months : (You can choose 4 links on 4 different Posts) [Recommended]


  • Sponsored Post (Full post for promoting your Product/Brand)You have to provide the post with the image.Price for post with max 600 words and 1 imagePrice for post with max 1100 words and 2 images [Recommended]Price for post with max 3000 words and 5 imagesPrice for post with max 5500 words and 10 images [Premium]
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